5 Tips for Easy Travelling

Suns out buns out!  Okay...maybe not literally.  The sun is shining and flowers are blooming which makes life seem a little less gloomy when Spring arrives!  Spring means more travelling whether it's to somewhere tropical, camping or somewhere local everyone needs to know how and what to pack without looking like an unprepared idiot.  Let's be honest, we've all been there; standing in line at the airport realizing we have forgotten something and dumping our purses and suitcases out in hopes we don't have to go back home.  Passport, headphones, sunglasses etc.  Sure some of those items are more trivial then others but it could mean the difference between the best trip ever or a disaster from the beginning.  Nobody wants to start out their trip on the wrong foot.  These 5 tips should help you have a memorable and hopefully awesome trip!

1.  Passport

It's easy to overlook your passport due to how plain, boring and ugly they really are.  Start by making your passport look fun so it stands out.  Not only will a passport holder make your passport look awesome but you can store other important cards in it as well.  More importantly, it will protect your passport from any spills or damage that can happen.  Even if just a little bit of liquid spills on your passport you could be denied, so better to be safe then sorry.  True story.  Happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

2. Luggage Tags

Everyone's luggage seems to look the same,  Basic black or dark colors that are so boring.  Adding a simple fun luggage tag to make your bag stand out and look awesome in a sea of boring is a fantastic way to go!  Plus it has your info in the tag if your bag gets lost.  Easy peasy to help locate you.

3.  Pack Early

Packing early will help alleviate stress.  This way you can figure out what you still need to get and see that everything hopefully still fits.  There's nothing worse then shopping for last minute stuff that you thought you already had or didn't know you needed.  Toiletry bags, travel pouches, a good piece of luggage can mean all the difference.  

4.  Comfort

You don't realize how much you need to be comfortable until you're sandwiched in between people wishing you had a blanket and a neck pillow.  Who wants to fall asleep on a strangers shoulder anyway?!  Picture coming home from Vegas in a no bullshit, hungover, get me out of here kind of attitude.  Comfy clothes and accessories seem like heaven to me!

5.  Keep Your Cool

Travelling can be very stressful.  Trying to remember everything you need to do to prepare takes a toll especially if you're travelling with other people.  If you keep your cool and not put so much pressure on yourself things will fall into place naturally.  Easier said then done but travelling is supposed to be fun and relaxing.

Hopefully these tips help you on whatever journey you are embarking on and have the best time ever!