Kick Off Camping Season Right!

The one weekend everyone patiently waits for every year is quickly approaching.  May Long!  It’s officially camping season.  Whether you’re a glamper or a straight up camping enthusiast we’ve got some tips on how to make it go off without a hitch.  The most important things are to make it fun and come prepared!  There are so many things you can bring but sometimes just keeping with the basics is all you need and less to pack which means less to remember!  Our top 3 tips will help make your camping trip awesome!

  1. Pack for All Weather

Let’s be honest, May Long is known for unpredictable weather.  It’s best to pack clothes you don’t really care about and make sure to pack extra clothes as well.  Sweaters, pants, socks, running shoes, shorts, T-shirts, rain jacket, thermal wear and accessories like toques, hats, gloves and a scarf could really help face any inclimate weather you may have.


  1. Bring A Good Drink Cup

We all know how messy camping can be.  Having a cup with a tight fitting lid can definitely help with that.  Say no more to debris from the elements and spillage from not having a lid.  Be sure to get a fun cup with a funny saying on it to make it that much more awesome!                          


    3.  Bring All the Fun Stuff

Don’t forget those small things that we all tend to not even think about.  Floaties, balls, bubbles, badminton, frisbees will help make your trip that much better especially if you have kids or are having some adult fun 😉