Stagette Planning in 5 Easy Steps

So you're a bridesmaid.  Yay!  Inevitably that means planning events and helping make sure the bride has the best day ever.  Planning can be so daunting and you may not even know where to begin.  We live in a time where weddings and all of the celebrations beforehand have become very elaborate...fancy bachelorette trips,  outfits for the whole crew, gifts, and on and on.  Not that we don't want to spoil the bride-to-be,  but in reality most of us would rather not break the bank a few times a year every time one of your homegirls gets engaged.  This can also lead to tension in relationships between everyone involved in the planning process and add extra stress on the bride (been there).  It's important from the beginning to establish expectations and budgets so everyone is on the same page and hopefully no surprises will occur.  Easier said then done I know.  We want to help you plan something special and unforgettable in a simple, budget friendly, and easy way!

1.  Meet

Gather everyone that will be part of the planning process.  A coffee date would be perfect.  You can get a better feel for how much time and commitment everyone has.  Bring a pen and notebook to jot down ideas collectively.  It should be fun as it's the brainstorming stage!  This is also a good time to establish budget and potential dates for everyone.  Keep in mind what the bride would really enjoy doing as well.  What has she always wanted to do but never has?  Is she a thrill seeker or more low key?  The options are endless.  By the end of the meeting you should have a better idea of what direction to go in.  

2. Research

Once you have a better idea of what you're doing start researching.  You can never have enough info.  Venues, events, hotels, food, cost.  To keep everyone informed I suggest creating a private FB group where everyone can post their thoughts and comments and know the final plan. 

3.  Shopping

Chances are you will probably have to pick up a few things like custom made tank tops, hats, water bottles, wine glasses as it adds a personal touch and you can these items custom made for a reasonable price.  Make sure you allow enough time to get these items purchased, made and shipped if applicable to avoid disappointment.  You wouldn't want to disappoint the bride to be (or the crew who totally had their heart set on matching I DO CREW tanks)

4.  Finalize

Everything from transportation to accommodations should be finalized.  Two weeks out, get your planning crew together and double check that everything is in order.  Post the finalized plan and all info in the private group.  Gather any last minute details and items you need.

5.  Party Time

Bring everything you need.  Fun attire, confirmations, overnight bags, and a credit card in case of an emergency.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be interested in everything you do.  Just remember, it's about the bride-to-be and remind your posse of that fact if need be.  It's all about fun and making sure the bride is having the best time of her life surrounded by the people who love her most.  Rest easy whatever you  plan big or small, the bride will appreciate and love whatever you do for her. <3